For Every Time, There is a Season…

For you graduates and all who made it through another school year as student or parent-instructor, Celebration time!

Here are MORE ways to celebrate that it’s JUNE and most of us are, slowly, coming OUT of the pandemic:

  • June 1: World Milk Day. … 
  • June 2: National Rocky Road Day. … 
  • June 3: National Egg Day. … 
  • June 4: Hug Your Cat Day. … 
  • June 4: National Donut Day. … 
  • June 6: National Gardening as Exercise Day. … 
  • June 7: National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. … 
  • June 8: Best Friends Day.

Notice many of these include FOOD?!

[Yes, it’s BBQ season again and I’m happy to say my daughter gave me a super-cool electric BBQ for my May birthday.?

Food and inflation aside, we hear a LOT about the COST of the pandemic: The disruption of long term sickness and lives lost; the economic disaster of jobs and businesses lost; the toll taken out of EVERYONE, because of social distancing and isolation. We have ALL suffered, variously.

[Upsetting to see that some countries have even continued to fight an actual WAR amid a global pandemic. What a sorry development. We would HOPE that the petty differences of one country against another would cease and respect the fact that we already HAVE a war to fight with this virus…but I digress.]

As May was a celebration of National Nurses Week and Month, we honored those nurses and others in healthcare who have faced such trauma, world-wide, as they fight the horrible virus that has ravaged the planet.

However, I admit, I missed the fact that May was ALSO National Mental Health Awareness Month! Let me remedy that oversight now.

The news is FULL of sad news and data that tally the COST of social distancing and isolation. I was speaking to a clinical psychologist friend, who works both in research and has a private practice as a psychotherapist. He told me that his case load has not doubled, it has TRIPLED since the pandemic hit. And who are his patients? My friends, he deals with children, ages 4-18. In addition, the suicide rates are skyrocketing.

We can find it understandable, although sad, that unemployment rates have been linked to suicide rates in adults since the 1950’s.  The findings of recent studies in child harm and suicides are inconclusive, since each situation is different, but that is one of the variables. All tolled, the findings show there is a correlation between families who are already having some sort of difficulty and/or discord, to the child self-harm rates. But that’s not all. They also mention that the school-closures caused teen angst. My friend shared that he counsels LBGTQ teens, who in particular, are prone to depression and self-harm.

I recall the stories of a beloved cousin who served in Korea and who had what we would now call PTSD. He was but a youth, 17, when he shipped off to war. He was a pilot. When he returned for a short furlough, he was a year or two older (can’t recall, I was only ~ 5 yrs.) and my aunt said he was not himself anymore. She was afraid he would harm himself.  Evidently, he tried.

As an adult, we understand that trauma often has a devastating effect.

As nurses, we are well aware that eternity is only a breath away. 

My friends, I have no solutions, only prayers for our nation and our world. What we need is   HOPE. In my life, when I have faced difficult, life-altering situations, I relied on one thing: Faith in God. How do people fare without hope? Let us remember to practice KINDNESS every day, with everyone we meet.

If not me and you, then who?

Til next month, stay safe and remember to hug your cat, enjoy your donuts, and rocky road or chocolate ice cream, call your best friend, and go weed the garden for some exercise!

With kindness,


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