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I’m honored to present this edition of Go With the Flo as it features my recent appearance in Forbes magazine!

Back in July, I attended the annual National Speakers Association’s Conference. And while there I ran into Henry DeVries, international speaker as well as co-founder & CEO of Indie Books International.

We discussed a number of items, including the traps many healthcare professionals run into when speaking in front of an audience. I piqued his interest, and he asked if I would like to be featured in his Forbes column.

How could I say no?

Thus, my recent appearance in the article “Seven Business Traps to Avoid.” I touch on seven items speakers must avoid in order to keep the attention of the audience and an equal amount of tips on how to properly use a microphone.

I hope all of you take something away from this article. And for those who have read it already, thank you so much for the wonderful comments.

Ready? Let’s go with the Flo!

Candy Campbell, DNP, RN, CNL, CEP, FNAP, is an international speaker, award-winning actor, author, and filmmaker.

To contact me, send a quick email to or leave a message at 925.207.1376. My assistant or I will arrange a time for our phone meeting. Thanks. I’m looking forward to speaking with you!

Yours for livelier communications,

Candy Campbell

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