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Audiobook Now Available!

Hurray, the audio version of my new book, Improv to improve Healthcare: A System for Creative Problem-Solving, is finally here!

Yes, after years of doing voice-overs for commercials, this is the first time I’ve voiced my own work. Oh, and my friend Beth Boynton, who wrote the Foreword, speaks her part, too! We’re bound to make you smile on your commute or whenever you choose to listen.

If you’re curious, why not join Beth and me as we tell you about this helpful, edutaining way to solve miscommunication problems, increase emotional intelligence, become more adaptable, and solve problems?

The first 20 people to email me at candy@candycampbell.com receive a secret code for a free copy!

All I ask is that you write a few words of review on your favorite supplier — Amazon, Audible, Goodreads, etc.

If you’re not one of the first 20 people, you can purchase the audio version of Improv to Improve Healthcare on Amazon or Audible.


Audiobook - Improv to Improve Healthcare

Volume 3!

VOLUME 3 of Channeling Florence Nightingale is on its way!
It features a new cover, new photos, and an editing refresh.

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