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“Candy Campbell traces the pattern of Hal Holbrook’s Mark Twain  for authenticity and historical gravitas leavened with a sparkling wit…”~ Bill Buchanan

Candy Campbell Performer

A voice from the past with a CONTEMPORARY message !

HOW can you make a difference in this crazy, mixed up world?

Miss Nightingale tackles the tough subjects that we wrestle with today:

Diversity and acceptance vs Prejudice of color, class or country;

Overcoming fear and social conditioning;

Acceptance and support of self and others

  • Employee Retention
    Miss Nightingale has a message for employees who want to be valued for their skills, knowledge, and attributes.

  • Increased Client Satisfaction
    Miss Nightingale inspires positive customer contacts

  • Workforce Development
    Miss Nightingale understands the business bottom line and how to get there

  • Make a Difference
    Miss Nightingale has a call to action for the world

An Evening With Florence Nightingale

Photography Credit: Chuck Deckert

A 19th century humanitarian, author, statistician, researcher, nurse and visionary, as she shows you a new way to think about healthcare — from the way you thought it was, to the way it may become. And when you peer with her into the future, Florence will shine her light on how you can expect to survive and thrive in healthcare.

This character portrayal, presented by Dr. Candy Campbell, and customized for your group, provides a thought-provoking, fun, and poignant exploration of our current state of health consciousness.

Florence also interacts with your audience to answer questions and share her secrets to help you change your future.

Your attendees will be shown the ONE key behavior that will change an attitude of overworked and under appreciated to happy and productive.

Like all successful Chautauqua scholars, Candy is incredibly knowledgeable about her character. What sets her apart is her background in theater and education. She has a stage presence that makes her character come alive in a way most Chautauqua style performances don’t.  It was more than a monologue, it was a story of Florence Nightingale’s calling to become a nurse, her struggles to become a nurse, and her triumphs in the field of nursing seamlessly woven together …

Candy’s use of voices, humor, music, and full stage movement provided a truly captivating and authentic performance…Her depiction of Nightingale to make connections between Florence Nightingale’s time and our current healthcare system that otherwise wouldn’t be possible, and as a result, her performance was more relevant than most.  We would highly recommend Candy Campbell to any organization looking to engage lovers of history and honor nurses in their community.

~Sarah Schaefer, Director of Education, Museum on Main, Pleasanton, CA.”

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Comments from the Channeling Florence Nightingale: Integrity, Insight, Innovation

“Candace (Candy) Campbell, Doctor of Nursing Practice and a member of SAG, the professional Actors Guild, brought art and science together as she competently presented Florence Nightingale. The performance brought the person and the profession together…emphasizing the “calling” that the true nurse hears…the caring of the patient that should always be foremost in the nurse’s mind and heart”. The money too often drives the nurse decisions and actions…the budget becomes the ruler…when in fact there is sufficient money in all the western country budgets to provide “patient-centered-care.”

Flo Nightingale knew this and conceived the framework that the nurse provides the “healing environment” (nutrition, correct meds, social understanding, psychology of illness and disability, and more)…allowing the human in his/her care to access their “healing abilities and strengths. “I hope that Ireland’s Professional and Union organizations will invite Dr. Campbell to present her informative and inspiring perspectives to us nurses in Ireland again (struggling to improve our workplace environments).

Dr. Lisa Gifford

Candy’s performance as Florence Nightingale was a wonderful way to conclude our conference.   She really brought “Florence” to our meeting.   We especially liked the Q&A with our audience. I recommend this program without hesitation.  

Hon. Tricia Hunter, MS, RN, E.D. , ANA/California

Candy Campbell’s impersonation of Nightingale was so genuine and convincing, it was like being in a time warp. You could almost feel the fog drifting in off the Themes and later, the tortured screams and groans of wounded British soldiers at the “Kingdom of Hell” that the Barrack Hospital in Skutari, Ottoman Empire, had become when she arrived in 1854. It wasn’t long before the nursing skills of her 38 colleagues combined with Nightingale’s impassioned pleas for British government help lowered the death rate from cholera, dysentery, and other endemic diseases dramatically. What a thin, attractive, but determined medical professional accomplished in a distinctly male world is nothing short of remarkable: kind of makes the “Glass Ceiling” and “War on Women” apostles of today seem like wimps.

Candy Campbell traces the pattern of Hal Holbrook’s Mark Twain Tonight for authenticity and historical gravitas leavened with a sparking wit. Her performance makes you wish she could have been there when you drifted off during a college history class one warm spring day.

Bill Buchanan, CEO, Buchanan & Associates LLC

Candace ‘Candy’ Campbell is THE Florence Nightingale. I had the honor and privilege of interviewing ‘Florence’ for my virtual conference, celebrating National Nurse’s Week. At times during the webinar, I couldn’t remember where Candy left off and Florence began. Candy does a superb job as Florence Nightingale and the re-enactment had me close to tears. A highly inspirational piece of art that uplifts and energizes our nursing profession. Thank you, Candy. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you. 

Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN

I have had the pleasure of seeing Candy perform as Florence Nightingale in a 90 minute program in which she takes the audience back to the Crimean War and beyond.   Candy is successful in taking us back to see how Florence faced outdated social norms,  lack of organization, filth, inadequate food, clothing, and supplies; mobilizing her nurses to create a clean, safe environment in which soldiers could recover their health.  Candy’s performance reveals the personal struggles faced by Florence who grew up in an upper class, Victorian family where roles for women were clearly defined and women who challenged these roles were strongly persecuted.  Insights about how Florence’s own strong personality was essential to her success both in the Crimea and later abound in Candy’s portrayal. Thank you Candy for keeping Florence alive and well!

Abby Heydman, PhD, RN, Professor and AVP Emeritus, Samuel Merritt University

“Candy brought Florence Nightingale to life before my eyes.  Her message applies far beyond the medical field, to any team tasked with a difficult job in a challenging environment without strong management support.  The lesson of Florence Nightingale is what one person with great dedication and integrity can do when they are willing to sacrifice for a cause greater than themselves. I was inspired! “ 

Elaine Lung, Certified World Class Speaking Coach

It was a wonderful performance!! Candy, you are such a fascinating, mesmerizing actor. You brought Florence Nightingale to life in such a fresh and entertaining way. You absolutely captivated us with the stories of Nightingale’s life and courageous spirit. I can’t wait to read the book of channeling her that you wrote. Thank you for the incredible gift of your performance and the details of Florence’s life. It is obvious how passionate and dedicated you are to the nursing profession and life of service. Bravo!!

Gretchen Givens, Author, Esperanza The Musical

Wonderful, wonderful. I’m a nurse and I thought it was fun to learn more about Florence Nightingale that I didn’t know. Great actress!

Joyce Terry, MSN, RN

This show is fabulous – a depiction of Florence Nightingale that draws nurses back into their roots; a glimpse of the past brought into the future. She is so real in her portrayal of Florence, and so much fun!  I love the way she draws in the audience from the beginning and take us on a journey.  It really grabs our attention from beginning to end. Never a dull moment. My friend thought so too, and she isn’t a nurse.

Diane Lee, BSN,RN

I enjoyed it very much, and one of the reasons is that I’ve been to the Florence Nightingale museum in London. I would say it was definitely worth seeing, because it brings the story home and makes her story real. 

Carol Gaiser, BSN, RN

Awesome performance. I’d see it again and again. I thought ir was timely, relevant, and very inspirational. It was just wonderful.

Mary Esther Loranger, BSN, RN

We all said the Florence Nightingale pledge… And she is a fantastic actress ! 

Myrna Ward, BSN, RN

Florence is definitely a wonderful inspiration, as is our instructor, who happens to be the actress!

Raul Vera, BS, SN

I didn’t know anything at all about Florence Nightingale, and as she gave such a performance, and as she was talking and portraying her, I was taken back to her time, and I believed she WAS Florence Nightingale.

Sharon Wickstrom

Her acting skills are tremendous. I think anyone would find the Florence Nightingale-Live! presentation both fascinating and interesting. Service is, after all, universal. There’s also an obvious application to medical professionals.

Mark Shaw, Entertainer

I was so impressed with the way Candy presented Florence Nightingale. She truly brought history to life. I was drawn into her character, and felt I was in the era talking about health care with a dedicated nurse of those times. I also learned a lot about Ms. Nightingale. She is a true blessing. I think many at a nurses or doctors conference would enjoy her performance.

Sunny Nunes

“Excellent! I LOVED this show!”

Colleen O'Leary-Kelley, PhD, RN

Such a motivational speaker!

Cuong Pham,MSN, RN

“This was WONDERFUL!”

Karen Bawel-Brinkley, PhD, RN

“Very inspirational!”

Debrayh Gayle, EdD, RN

“Engaging, entertaining, and a great message!”

Dominique Teaford,MSN, RN

Speaker Raves …

AzNA Annual Conference – Arizona Nurses Association

Candy Campbell at AZNA Conference


Linda C. Improv to Improve Worksho


Linda C. Improv to Improve Worksho


Linda C. Improv to Improve Worksho


Linda C. Improv to Improve Worksho


Linda C. Improv to Improve Worksho


Linda C. Improv to Improve Worksho


Linda C. Improv to Improve Worksho


Linda C. Improv to Improve Worksho


Linda C. Improv to Improve Worksho


Linda C. Improv to Improve Worksho

Workshop Testimonial

Workshop Testimonials

Continued conversation with Florence Nightingale…

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Florence Nightingale
“The Innovator”

“Candy Campbell & Company is pleased to partner with the Global Education Development Institute. GEDI was founded to enrich the leadership knowledge and skills of healthcare leaders across the world. GEDI has disseminated knowledge through a hallmark book, online and onsite programs, and presentations at national and international conferences. A portion of all keynote fees will go to support their work in 2nd and 3rd world countries.”