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Pre-Order New Book

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You’re a leader with a problem. There’s a fungus-like growth in your organizational culture you can no longer ignore. It starts slowly with a few people feeling maligned and/or excluded, spreads resentment, leads to disengagement, and finally…resignations.

What a nightmare!

But WAIT! You have stumbled onto the exact solution you need!

With this book, you can QUICKLY discover how to use the principles of applied improvisational exercises from the arts to help teams effectively connect and communicate, creatively problem-solve, increase workplace safety and employee retention, and guarantee client and stakeholder satisfaction. It’s all contained here.

“It’s my hope you’ll enjoy Improv to Improve Your Leadership Team as much as I did. I am grateful to creative thinkers like Candy who challenge us to learn and grow in ways we may never have considered.” Quint Studer, Healthcare Solutions Group, Author, The Calling: Why Healthcare Is So Special

“Dr. Campbell has done something truly remarkable. By combining the fun and creativity of improv with documented, empirical research, she has written a user’s manual for building a cohesive, energized, and effective team. Leaders, take note: when you follow Campbell’s blueprint, your team will feel more valued, more respected, and more engaged.”

Bill Stainton, CSP, CPAE, 29-time Emmy Winner, Hall of Fame Innovation Speaker

Candy Campbell, DNP, RN, CNL, LNC, CVP, FNAP, is an award-winning actor, author, and filmmaker. Candy assists individuals and teams to solve communication challenges and make the workplace a safer place to learn and grow.

As a professional actor and cofounder of an improv company, Dr. Campbell has been sharing the joys of applied improv to businesses and people of all ages and stages since 1995.

When she’s not presenting transformational keynotes, facilitating leadership retreats, or executive speech-coaching, she’s likely on the road with her third solo show, An Evening With Florence Nightingale: The Reluctant Celebrity ( or playing with her grandkids.

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