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Greetings and New Year’s salutations, my friends!

So pleased to have been asked to weigh in with my $0.02 as a healthcare communication expert with this latest podcast. HR guru, Rollis Fontenot III sought me out and asked some thought-provoking questions. (BTW, just prior to the recording session, my “halo light” died, so half my face is in shadow.)

Also, I woke up last week with my emails bursting with the news that the ‘Go With The Flo’ blog was listed as one of the Top 40 Nursing Blogs! What an honor! (That makes me want to write more often!!) You can find that article click below.

Nursing Blog

So, enough about me, how about YOU? What are your 2020 goals? Did you pick a “word of the year”?
Please write and tell me what word you have chosen/would choose? And why?

Mine word is “grateful”! YES! Despite the obligatory winter sniffles, this year (and decade) has started out with many possibilities. When I compare it to 2010, I am reminded that LOTS has happened, including my move to the DC area last September.

As you know, the “An Evening With Florence Nightingale” tour has begun. Dr. Manual Prestamo, from PMI agency, is still booking conferences and working on bringing the show to NYC?!!! (Prayers coveted!)
Other exciting news pending, so stay tuned.

BTW, I must let you know that we still have a few spots available for the Marvelous Medical History tour at the reduced price. The only caveat is: you’ll need to place your deposit quickly to save your place. We close it down on January 31st!

IF there are other questions, please contact me or travel agent, Ron Hermanson: 925-267-3657.

Very best wishes for the New Year,

Download the Flyer

Bring your significant other/friends/extended family and non-nurses. They’ll have a great time, too!

Since I’ve lived in both cities, I’ve have taken the time to cobble together a VERY special tour that will delight those who have NEVER visited either city OR those who love to revisit, since we have included not only SPECIAL healthcare-themed activities, but ALSO the items you/your friends/family want to check off their “bucket lists”. I’ve limited the tour to 20 people so we can get to know each other and quickly move from place to place.

To honor her continuing legacies of spirituality, care, and innovation, we are taking a Marvelous Medical History Tour of London & Paris from May 7-18. We’ll be joining the city of LONDON in their very special events that surround Nightingale’s 200th You can join us as we follow in the footsteps of Miss Nightingale.

Our itinerary will mix sites like Westminster Abbey, Kensington Palace, Windsor Palace, and the Palace of Versailles with locations connected directly with Nightingale or with medicine in general. Included on the tour are:

The Nurse’s Chapel, which holds the lamp used in the annual Florence Nightingale service each May;
The Florence Nightingale Museum;
The London Science Museum and Museum of Military Medicine;
St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Museum and the Alex Fleming Museum, home to the reconstructed laboratory where penicillin was discovered;
St. Margaret’s Church, the burial site of Florence Nightingale;
The Archives Department of Salisbury Hospital, where Miss Nightingale served;
Paris’ Musee d’Histoire de la Medicine to see the oldest collection of medical instruments in Europe;
The Pasteur Museum, highlighting the life of Louis Pasteur

Plus, we’ll commemorate Miss Nightingale’s birthday on May 12th with some special events.

The Marvelous Medical History Tour took over a year of planning, and I am excited to see it finally come to fruition. If you are a history fan, a medical procedural show aficionado, a nurse, physician, social worker, holistic healthcare practitioner, or anything in between, this trip is for you!

Note that this is not a mega-tour with 60+ strangers. I have purposely limited the Marvelous Medical History Tour to a small group of individuals so we can move swiftly, ask plenty of questions to our excellent guides, and get to know each other.

Have I piqued your interest? Ready to spend 10 nights in London and Paris during Florence Nightingale’s birthday during the spring of 2020? Find out more, including prices, at my website. You can also message/email me with any questions.

Ready? Let’s go with the Flo — to London and Paris, so we can celebrate Florence Nightingale’s 200th birthday!

Deadline for $250/each person deposit ($500/room) is December 31

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Marvelous Medical History Tour of London & Paris

Thank you for your texts. I hope you enjoyed all of my giveaways. If you missed one, no worries they are still available. Text FLOW to 72000. BTW we never share or spam your phone number or e-mail address.

Just text FLOW to 72000 for instant access to my 3 giveaways

You will get Ode to the Caregiver, The First Chapter of Channeling Florence Nightingale, and Florence Nightingale’s Timeline.

I’ll also send you some occasional great offers and keep you updated on my Marvelous Medical History Tour.

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To contact me, send a quick email to or leave a message at 925.207.1376. My assistant or I will arrange a time for our phone meeting. Thanks. I’m looking forward to speaking with you!

Yours for livelier communications,

Candy Campbell