April? Every month I say the same thing…”How did it get to be ____ (month) already?!”

This month I can report that I’ve been fully vaccinated (yay!) and no, I’ve not turned into a cyborg. In fact, I feel fine. Nothing wrong here! Ribbet. Ribbet.

[LOL, couldn’t resist. For you anti-vaxxer’s out there, let’s just agree to disagree.]

Meanwhile, I’ve booked a socially-distant (etc.) CONFERENCE in Vegas in July and a CRUISE, starting January next year. Until then, presenting virtually from home.

So, how are YOU? Thanks to those of you who email me after you receive these missives- I love to connect with all of you, COVID notwithstanding!

This month’s news is a 2-part podcast I completed with an ever-inspiring friend, Gayle Carson. I’ll tell you the backstory that when she and I met at a National Speaker’s Association conference (in the Ladies room, of all things!), we were both waiting to wash hands and started chatting  and discovered we had both experience in radio— and had both managed a radio station in college! Well, she went on to make radio a career and I focused on acting…then nursing. I was so pleased to re-connect with her again, virtually. I think you’ll agree, she’s a great host. I hope you find our conversation helpful, especially if YOU TOO are a “SOB”, i.e., Spunky Ol’ Broad! J (Even if you’re not > 50, I think you’ll find the stories helpful.)

Dr. Candy Campbell SOB Radio Podcast Episode 126 Part 1

Dr. Candy Campbell SOB Radio Podcast Episode 126 Part 2








Wishing you all a safe and healthy APRIL!

With kindness,