What’s-up, April? No foolin’!

Traditionally, the month of April is a time to usher in the spring.

This year, the IRONY of COVID19 pandemic, thrown into the usual alterations in nature, causes personal, population health concerns, and now the threat of global market crash.

(I pray by the time this is published; we will have some better news of the ~ 3weeks of social distancing, etc.)

It reminds me of what Florence Nightingale experienced, as a clinician, more than once, with a public health threat. She worked day and night to care for patients, making sure her nurses washed their hands well and often.

We see the empty shelves in stores where antibacterial wipes used to sit but are ALL SOLD OUT. Is America (and the world) finally getting the message?

As an example, think of how filthy our personal devices have proven to be;

  • Consider the TIME magazine headline of August , 2017: “Your cell phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat.”
  • Moisture from our skin and other bacteria are transferred to our phones every time we check an email or text. (True, in general, these bacteria are harmless…)
  • Ecoli can fly out of an open toilet when it gets flushed and live nearby surfaces, like toilet handles, faucet handle, etc. ! ??

I know what Miss Nightingale would say: “Did you take your phone into the bathroom?”

Well, wake up world!

Go wipe down your cellphone with antibacterial solution and wash your hands. NOW!

Stay safe and be well, my friends.

With kindness, Candy

In these difficult times, we look to the wisdom of our heroes. Here is Florence Nightingale, that icon of professional nursing gives some insight on public health. Click here.