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Candy Campbell offers interactive seminars and workshops that increase communication and build teamwork. Her experience includes more than 35 years as a nurse, actor, director, and speech coach. She teaches workshops to all ages, to both private and corporate clients.  Workshops are built upon the foundational principles of neuroscience and cognitive theory, which stimulate growth in emotional and social intelligence. Participants share a safe, fun atmosphere, created by Dr. Campbell as facilitator. The actual tools used include experiential exercises based on improvisational games from the realms of theater, art, and music. Lessons focus on learning methods to nurture spontaneity, creativity, team building, and communication, which can be immediately applied to both personal and professional life.

Improv To Improve
Team Building Seminars for All Ages


Take your team from “Yikes to Yippee”, by tearing down walls and building bridges. Did you know that more people die from medical mistakes in hospitals each year than from highway accidents, breast cancer, or AIDS, according to the Institute of Medicine (IOM, 2001). One of the main causes, researchers point out, is miscommunication among healthcare workers. What the world needs now is a tool to fill the knowledge gap, to facilitate the patient safety that effective communication can create among teams.

Yikes to Yippee Team Building is seriously fun, and serious business. This daylong Inter-professional Educational (IPE) communication workshop features the proven adult education tool, applied improv. In it, participants learn methods to collaborate, confront, and connect with others. The result is enriched  communication skills and decreased number of healthcare errors.

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Testimonials From Workshop Attendees

“Candy Campbell is a wonderful and highly effective presentation coach. She provides a wealth of knowledge on the structure, content and delivery of a presentation and teaches a vast array of valuable techniques. From her years as a theatrical performer, she also has a great understanding of the psychology of the audience and can skillfully craft a piece that is both interesting and very entertaining.

It was a delight to work with Candy as she helped me to transform a rather flat speech into a dynamic and compelling presentation. I look forward to working further with Candy and would highly recommend her for anyone needing to develop or fine tune their presentation skills.”

Nora Tong, Nora's Pasteries

“I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Candy present. Candy has a fresh presentation style that engages the audience from the start. Working with Candy at the National Speakers Association, I have seen commitment and creativity that makes every project fun. I enjoy working with Candy, and hearing her present, and I would recommend her to any prospective meeting planner in a heart beat.”

Jim Carrillo, Technical Director, Morgan Hill Unified School District

“This course greatly exceeded my expectations.”

“You are a great teacher”

Candy was a real pleasure to work with in coordinating the meeting. She had all the details covered and was easy to get a hold of. I would highly recommend hiring her!

Lindsay Wong, PR/Marketing, Gonzales Orthodontics, Dublin,CA.

“Candy Campbell is an amazing artist, woman, mother, medical professional, writer, and stand up comic. She brings deep integrity and commitment to everything she does. Her film, HOW LOW CAN YOU GO, about micro-premature births, is a must see for anyone interested in life choices, anyone needing solace who has been through this experience.”

Hester Schell, Contributing Editor and Writer, Freelance Film Industry

‘”Absolutely recommend this course.”

“This course was excellent.”

“I’d love to share this class with everyone.”

“I’m more sensitive to non-verbal communication now.”

Candy is a wonderful story teller who brings history to life. Her role as Florence Nightingale took me back in time to better understand Victorian England, the life of Ms. Nightingale, and the beginnings of modern medical nursing. What a wonderful way to communicate the importance of Ms. Nightingale’s endeavors and how she is relevant in current women’s role and medical care in our world.”

Jim Wycoff, Rotary, Sausalito CA

“I don’t know if the WHC ever had so much laughter in one place. You have such an outstanding blend of very professional, warm and personal presentation, engaging the group”.

Valerie J. Keim, MFT, - Pleasant Hill, CA

“Too often meetings are done in such a tight schedule. It’s hard to break the ice, lose inhibitions, create relationships…The fun is gone. This was so much fun and such good learning!”

“Candy re-energized our club! She has so much to say based on her amazing resume, but she actually spoke very little. Instead, she motivated us to speak, to interact, and, to take chances. In doing so, she revitalized our group. Thank you Candy!”
Brendan James Murphy, Distinguished Toastmaster - President of LaughLovers Toastmasters.

“Candy has a flair for finding the compelling storytelling potential in important issues so that, through her theatre performances, audiences become receptive to new ideas and fresh perspectives. As an actor, she can be counted on to bring good humor, creativity, and a high degree of professionalism to rehearsal and performance.

Wil Weigler, PhD, Applied Theatre Director

Although our group had meet four other times, some us still did not know everyone’s name. Under Candy’s expert facilitation we got to know each other really well and did so in a light-hearted manner. As a result we are going forward as a much more collaborative team.

Roberta Ryan, CPCC, Business Coach

“Your talk was informative, enlightening and well received by an appreciative audience. We take pride in being able to arrange a speaker of your caliber to address our group.”

Fred Schwartz Exec. Dir., , Asian American Hotel Owners Association.

“Enjoyed this class very much!”

“Candace’s media savvy and deep nursing knowledge was evident in her ability to advise me regarding my DNP Project Defense at the University of San Francisco. Through phone consultation and slide reviews, she guided me to a more concise and powerful presentation. Best of all I felt the wisdom and support of a modern day Florence Nightingale and had fun during my presentation.”

Elizabeth Yznaga, DNP, RN, CNL, CNM

“Candy is incredibly talented – as an actor, as a keynote speaker, as an author, as a nurse, and as a college teacher. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on the NSA Northern California Chapter Board of Directors. She is a wonderful colleague. But even more impressive are her on-stage performances.

In her one-woman show, “Florence Nightingale Live,” she channels the founder of modern nursing so effectively it feels like you are transported back in time to the mid-1800s and to the battlefield where she not only proves the value of sanitary conditions but she asserts herself as a woman in a male-dominated world.

But that’s only one of Candy’s on-stage characters. She is knowledgeable, talented, and passionate about her work. Whether you need a keynote speaker, or a character actor, you will never regret engaging Candy!”

Jim Ware, PhD, NSA, Northern California Chapter Board of Directors

“Candy’s workshop helped me to look at my performance skills with a fresh perspective. I was fortunate enough to participate in her program right before a big presentation, and I immediately noticed a big step forward in my level of comfort and ease on stage. Her exercises helped me to tap into a more natural delivery style, a freer sense of articulation, and a deeper understanding of positive communication.”

Matthew Brown, Guinness World Record Ocean Rower

“So much fun – the day went very fast!’