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Bring Out the Best in Yourself and Your Team with Candy Campbell & Company

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Headshot photo of Dr. Candy Campbell wearing a green jacket and white blouse.

Dr. Candy Campbell

Award-winning actor, author, filmmaker, and interactive motivational speaker.

Dr. Candy Campbell helps leaders and teams park their egos and play nice by learning applied improvisational skills from the arts. Candace (Candy) Campbell, DNP, MSN-HCSM, RN, CNL, CVP, FNAP, has worn two hats for many years; one as an artist and the other as a healthcare professional. 

She first earned a BA in Theatre/Acting, then transitioned to nursing when she "got the call"  at 30,000' while working as a flight attendant. (PanAM, gone but not forgotten!) 

Outside The Box, Inside The Budget

The world continues to change. However,  the principles of applied improv provide constraints that actually help us become more creative. Candy shows you how to make the most of your ever-shifting challenges and restrictions and presents useful tools that keep your creativity flowing so you can find workable solutions, at all times...without breaking the budget. 

All businesses are being called upon to work in new and innovative ways.  Here's how...

Step One: Candy creates a safe environment for your groups to learn and grow.

Step Two: The experiential games and exercises, based on neuroscience research, harness the reality of "play" as a conduit for adult learning. Participants learn how to become  comfortable taking creative risks for  business and personal life. 

While  Learning

Building our changing future is all about collaboration. As a certified virtual presenter (CVP), Candy helps participants explore new ways of collaborating that benefits them in deep and meaningful ways. She puts energy and fun back into your interactions (even if you’re having all your conference calls on zoom!), ensuring strong professional connections and a vibrant company culture.

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Candy's Keynote, Break-Out Sessions, and Workshops are customizable for your event. Candy will work closely with you to develop a unique expression of your convention’s vision or company’s mission.

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"Candy was a real pleasure to work with in coordinating the meeting. She had all the details covered and was easy to get a hold of. I would highly recommend hiring her!"

Lindsay Wong,

Am. Assoc. Orthodontists

Lu Ann Cahn,
8x Emmy Award-Winning Journalist

Dr. Candy Campbell rocked the NSA Philadelphia Signature event with a keynote that got everyone up, moving, connecting and improvising. If you are looking for a way to get everyone on your team to feel engaged, communicate and bond, you should hire this power house. She commands the stage but in a way that welcomes everyone to take part in her interactive presentation. She’s a perfect opener to motivate and inspire during a conference. I highly recommend Dr. Campbell for your next event.

“Candy re-energized our club! She has so much to say based on her amazing resume, but she actually spoke very little. Instead, she motivated us to speak, to interact, and, to take chances. In doing so, she revitalized our group.Thank you, Candy!”

Brendan James Murphy

Distinguished Toastmaster

Kelly Willenberg, DBA, RN
Board of Directors HCCA/SCCE

“I don’t know if the WHC ever had so much laughter in one place. You have such an outstanding blend of very professional, warm and personal presentation, engaging the group”

Valerie J. Keim, MFT,

JMH Women's Health Center

I can personally attest to the fact that Dr. Campbell was the kind of speaker that made our conference a huge success. She was so easy to work with and brought such value, I hired her again for my healthcare organization’s Nurse Professional Development Days.

Lya M. Cartwright-Stroupe, DNP, APRN, CPNP-PC, NEA-BC, NPD-BC
Heading 6

Dr. Campbell's Pre-conference Workshop and general (very interactive) Keynote session on Improv to Improve Healthcare were big hits. Participants said her material was a highlight of the conference; she definitely got people out of their comfort zones in a fun and engaging way! Candy is a great presenter on the topic of improv!

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