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Let’s Change Your Life

Dr. Candy Campbell offers interactive keynotes and workshops that increase communication and build teams. Her experience includes more than 35 years as an award-winning actor, author, speech coach, academic, and healthcare professional. With Candy as facilitator, participants share a safe, fun atmosphere, utilizing experiential improvisational exercises from the arts. Your group will take away skills to intentionally observe, listen, connect, collaborate, confront, spontaneously create new ideas, and problem-solve. All these outcomes can be immediately applied to both personal and professional life

Tear Down Walls & Build Bridges

By now, we’ve all heard of The Great Resignation. WHY?


The main causes, researchers point out, are the problems that the pandemic accentuated:

a) miscommunication and

b) a sense of not belonging.

Want to decrease employee turnover and increase employee retention?


Be the kind of leader everybody wants to work with and nobody wants to leave! 


Help grow leaders who know how to engage with employees and create smooth-running, happy teams.

More than ever, applied improv is a tool that the world needs to fill the knowledge gap and create a culture of safety, where employees feel they belong, their ideas are valued, and they are free to speak up with concerns.

Tear Down Walls and Build Bridges is seriously fun and serious business.


Each inter-professional communication (IPC) workshop is custom-designed to fit your needs, whether a half-day, full-day, or weekend retreat. All feature the proven adult-education tool, applied improv, where participants learn methods to collaborate, confront, and connect, in creative new ways.


Candy in red jacket holding a microphone

All keynotes and workshops are interactive and built upon the foundational principles of neuroscience and cognitive theory, which stimulate growth in emotional and social intelligence.

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Candy in a brown sweater in her office
Real World Coaching

This work is seriously FUN and serious business. Participants learn to connect, collaborate, and spontaneously create solutions, whether they have been previously

acquainted or not. Better yet, you get the credit!

My coaching classes teach you skills you can use in daily life, such as, how to conquer your fear of pitching an idea, and become a confident, engaging presenter.  

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