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Candy Campbell Filmmaker

Since the mid-90’s, our newest minority consists of the tiniest humans, born weighing less than two pounds. This award-winning 43 minute film describes the psycho-social impact of such a birth upon the family unit. We seek to explore their world and answer these questions: Who are they? Why does this happen? What challenges do they face after long term hospitalization? Will these children be a burden on society?


This is a highly personal film, and it begs as many questions as it answers. It is emotional. It is intimate. Its style is human revelation, told subjectively rather than objectively, by parents and the medical experts who care for these newborns. It is more a diary than an essay, more a drama than investigative journalism. It is not about ‘litter births’, or babies from ‘druggie’ moms, or babies born with life-threatening anomalies. It’s about the average person who does everything right and still begets a severely premature child. Overall, stories of fear, pain and sacrifice give over to love, joy and hope.

Micropremature Babies:
How Low Can You Go?
Film Trailer
This is an image of the Freddie award from the International Medical Media Awards
Award winner in the prestigious
International Health and Medical Media Awards - Children's Health Category
This is an image of Candy Campbell working as a bedside RN in the NICU

Trained and certified  as a Neonatal Nurse in 1989 at Loma Linda University Medical Center,  Dr. Candy Campbell worked for many years in California NICUs.

In the early 2000's, before there was widespread research  about the growth, development, and survival of so-called "micropremature" babies, Candy went back to school to create and direct  a documentary film to answer the question,  "How does an extremely low birthweight baby impact the family unit?" The fine cut received a Finalist award in the category of Children’s Health from the prestigious International Medical Media Awards, “The Freddies” in 2003.

This is the image of the cover jacket of the original DVD of the Micropremature Babies: How Low Can You Go? documentary film
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" Candy Campbell 's documentary film, 'Micropremature Babies: How Low Can You Go?' is a stunning and important work."

-John Rothmann, KGO 810 Talk Radio host

“On behalf of the thousands of people who receive Easter Seals services, thank you for your great work on 'Micropremature Babies: How Low Can You Go?'  Easter Seals Bay Area is proud to be a beneficiary of your efforts and even more pleased that our Early Intervention Services are profiled in your documentary. You have done a great service by telling stories of hope and promise. Thank you again for your efforts.” 

-Craig Issod, Easter Seals Bay Area , VP External Affairs

“….this film has the potential to bring encouragement and hope to parents who experience a premature birth as well as give them a reliable sense of what is happening. It is also an incredible visual “thank you ” to the medical professionals who work tirelessly to bring the fruits of research and technology together to work for the preservation of these lives. I was deeply moved to see the God given miracle of birth portrayed in such a thoughtful and gentle way. Each of the little ones you featured is much more than “potential life.” Thank you so much for giving them a voice.” 

-John McNeff, Senior Pastor of NorthCreek Church in Walnut Creek, CA

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