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Virtual Coaching 

The GREAT RESET is upon us and like it or not, the NEW WORLD has a virtual component.

More and more, your teams feel SCREEN (battle) fatigue.

They’re checking out…and shopping for boots in YOUR meetings!

That’s the bad news. 


The GOOD news is, leaders CAN create functioning teams with virtual engagement.


What can you do to re-energize productivity and collegiality without donuts and coffee?

With > 40 years as a competition speaker-coach,

Candy helps you present your authentic self in person or virtually.

Shop our menu of options:

1:1 or Group Coaching Programs

Executive Coaching

For leaders who want to distinguish themselves as great communicators.

Turn fear of speaking into confidence!

Do you quake in your boots about how to navigate the QA? No worries!

With the ‘Improv to Improve Your Presentations’ educational program (includes 1:1 coaching),

you’ve come to the right place.

Get expert help to:

  • Assemble the perfect structure,

  • Craft creative content,

  • Deliver with humor and pizazz

Team Coaching

Utilize the ‘Tear Down Walls and Build Bridges’ virtual education system and group coaching to mold your group into a functioning team.

Turn negativity into cooperation and ho-hum to fun!

Help your team:

  • Connect,

  • Collaborate,

  • Create, and

  • Complete projects

What do you need to grow your business?