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Meet Candy

Improv provokes innovation

Candy Campbell

Award-winning actor, author, filmmaker;  

nurse, mom, and motivational speaker.   :)

It wasn’t long before Candy found her way back as a commercial actor, doing voice-overs, commercials, and television spots, as a side-hustle. That was a fun diversion from the often-difficult work as an intensive care nurse. After divorce, she felt she really needed to laugh again, so began studying stand-up and improv comedy, and co-founded an improv company, The Barely Insane Players, in the San Francisco East Bay area, in 1993.  In 1995, at the request of an audience-member, she began teaching applied improv skills to a series of Silicon Valley start-ups, then to other groups of all ages and stages, and realized the principles were very applicable to both personal and professional growth.
Meanwhile, although she was performing and teaching improv regularly, and federal research surfaced about the mistakes and deaths caused by miscommunication in healthcare, she could not get a toe in the door in any healthcare organization to help solve the problem by sharing improv principles. The resistance was: “no evidence the method works in healthcare.” Oy!
That pushback caused her to rise to the challenge and complete her doctoral work and qualitative research with groups at Stanford’s LPCH, to emphasize the benefits of applied improv training in relation to  combating burn-out with team building, inclusivity, resilience,  This work has expanded to become a series of four books on the subject. In 2020, the first of the series (Improv to Improve Healthcare) was published by Business Expert Press, and the second (Improv to Improve Your Leadership Team) will be released in 2022. (See BOOKS)


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