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Blending Art and Science for Positive System Change in Your Organization!

Benefits of Applied Improv Exercises
Leadership Development

Succession planning? Onboarding new talent? How better to mentor and enhance the leadership capabilities of your new leaders than to create a leadership learning circle? Help your managers learn to communicate authentically and serve as a coach, rather than a disciplinarian, with the proven advanced interprofessional communication (IPC) skills of applied improv.

Team Building & Employee Retention 

Create a culture of safety so people feel a sense of belonging and their ideas matter. Whether your industry includes nursing, healthcare, or ANY other, applied improvisational exercises emphasize soft skills that bolster Emotional Intelligence (EI). These include knowing how to: listen well, ‘read’ another person’s verbal and non-verbal communication, and have otherwise uncomfortable conversations. The result? Employees who stick around and brag about working with YOUR company because they feel fulfilled!


Applied improv workshops help establish the bedrock of any creative endeavor: a safe space to be learn and grow. Candy facilitates the fun, guiding your group with various exercises based on improv principles, so new ideas drop like rain! Even self-declared Left Brained participants are constantly amazed with the spontaneous ideas that emerge when the learning is fun.

Problem Solving & Increased Sales

The natural application of mental agility is problem-solving. No wonder improv is the precursor to Design Thinking! Watch as your group tackles new challenges with the application of a few basic improv principles. Attendees say this learning changes both their work and personal lives…for good!


With Candy as facilitator, participants share a safe, fun atmosphere, utilizing experiential improvisational exercises from the arts. Your group will take away skills to intentionally observe, listen, collaborate, be spontaneous and creative, better communicate, deflect negativity, and engage. All these outcomes can be immediately applied to both personal and professional life.

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