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What do healthcare and the arts have in common? Guest speaker Dr. Candy Campbell taught our nursing students that the same skills needed to be an actor make you a good nurse: listening, awareness, alertness. Her improv-comedy workshop had everyone in "stitches"—thank you, Dr. Campbell!

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Interactive fun - Sign me up!

On September 15, 2022, Candy Campbell came to MSK and presented Improv to Improve Healthcare during our annual Association Nursing Professional Development (ANPD) week celebration.


This was a last-minute inquiry and request, and Candy Campbell was gracious in accepting the challenge.


Not only was I excited that Candy accepted, but my nurse leader was also excited Candy was able to present.


The day went well, and staff were excited to hear how improvisation could help assist in our healthcare environment.


Candy was patient during our set up and tech test that morning.

Despite some last-minute tech challenges, Candy remained calm, cool, collected and reassuring.


Despite our day being delivered via ZOOM, it was as if Candy was in the room with us.

All activities, discussions and brainstorming sessions were lively, engaging and well received.


Concluding the class was a visit from Florence Nightingale where educators were able to ask questions.

The inquiries were well received, and Candy provided date appropriate responses that Ms. Nightingale lived in.


Overall, Candy’s time spent with us was enlightening and enriching.

Many concepts in her communication techniques are still discussed to this day.


I highly encourage inviting Candy Campbell to your professional enrichment day.

You will receive a host of ideas and skills that can be used not only in your professional day to day conversations, but also in your personal life to enrich conversations.


We had a great session and use our newly acquired skills.

Thank you,

Annette Pineiro

Annette V. Pineiro, MPH, RN-BC, OCN

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