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Bravery vs Cowardice

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

How often are we tempted to play it safe?

Sometimes a little voice inside keeps us from really testing out what we can do...

Whispering to us the something new will turn out to be dangerous, stupid, foolish, trite, beneath your dignity, above your pay grade ... whatever.

If we keep listening to this little voice, we can get boxed in.

Creativity ?


When we shut out other ideas, other experiences, other people... it can lead to the Imposter Syndrome... anxiety...and clinical depression.

One trick to counter this is to name your little voice. My National Speakers Association colleague and humorist, Judy Carter, calls hers, SLASH. I just call mine, the Inner Editor.

Just like when I considered writing the next book ...that little negative voice popped up and whispered things like, "What? Another book on improv principles? What could you possibly add to the last book on the subject?" I have learned to argue with that Inner Editor.

This time, I said,

"Ok, Inner Editor, you need to go lie down and take a nap. This book is geared towards leaders who need to build better teams... not just in healthcare, but everywhere! The pandemic took a toll on all business organizations, big or small. The human resource community is in a state of chaos because of all the changes foisted upon us. CEOs and Association leaders are pulling out their hair with worry over how to make the culture ore welcoming. I can help!"

And it worked! The next book (#2 in the series), Improv to Improve Your Leadership Team,

will launch this spring.

Try it!

You could name the negative little voice anything that helps remind you to squelch it and allows you to take action instead of second guessing your own ability.

Improv training from the arts is a method that helps you to stifle the Inner Editor. When you learn and follow the improv principles, you open yourself up to creative problem solving and are able to come up with spontaneous solutions.

Not sure where to start?

Don’t worry ! I’ve got you covered with all the how-to exercises in my upcoming book, Published by Business Expert Press. If you'd like to have an autographed copy, let me know!

Your for building bravery ,



Want the 1st chapter of the book for free? Simple! Follow this link...

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