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Florence Nightingale Was an SOB

Every May, we celebrate Nurses Month, and Nurses Week around Miss Nightingale's birthday (May 12). This year, it's time for extra-special celebrations as we recognize the WORST of the COVID-19 pandemic is over. (Sure, we are still dealing with some of it, but the morbidity and mortality rate are waaaaay low, compared to the last 2 years.)

Many of you know my 3rd solo show is all about the iconic Miss Nightingale, based on her 200 books/articles and over 10,000 letters I have read. These days, Nightingale is often characterized as a stick-in-the-mud, an old fuddy-duddy, a cranky tea-totaler who led a dull life, making people miserable (kind of like the OTHER sort of SOB!) Au contraire! The evidence demands a different verdict, my friends,

Yes, she was sometimes characterized as cantankerous to those who thought her (then) progressive and outlandish views that women should have the right to vote, attend university, own property, have honorable work and their own bank accounts, experience safe childbirth, that all children should be taught to read, write, and do simple math, and that all people should have access to sanitary conditions and nutritious food! For speaking out about these ideas, she was chastised by the men who stood in her way and lauded by women and the men who saw the light, so to speak.

Matter of fact, I ' ll proudly proclaim that Miss Nightingale was an SOB --- Spunky Ol' Broad! If YOU are interested in hearing more from the SOB, Florence Nightingale, you have two virtual opportunities this month!

May 12 - 0700amPT/1000amET - Join the discussion with a panel of Global Educational Development Institute leaders AND Miss Nightingale as we chat about nurses and nursing in the 21st c. REGISTER HERE (on Eventbrite):

May 18 - 7pm PT/1000pmET -Miss Nightingale will be a guest of San Francisco's The Marsh Theatre virtual program called "Solo Arts Heal" with an interactive QA centering on the Crimean War (then and now) and her work, despite semi-invalid condition, thereafter. TO ENTER - just go to the Marshstream at :

(When you're finished here, pop over to hear a podcast on the media page, where the wonderful Gayle Carson and I (rest in peace), discussed that very idea of what it MEANS to be an SOB.


Nurses can take advantage of loads of discounted goodies during this month from MANY retailers.

In terms of FREE CEUs, check this out from our friends at Lippincott:

SPEAKING of goodies, I have an announcement!

To receive MY GIFT to YOU this Nurses Month, please TEXT to the number 72000 and type the word, FLO (or, flo, it doesn't matter) in the message area.

You'll receive THREE GIFTS!

  • the first chapter of my book, Channeling Florence Nightingale : Integrity, Insight, Innovation.,

  • the poem, Ode to the Caregiver,

  • a Nightingale TIMELINE of important events.

(NOTE: I promise I will not SPAM you, sell your information, or otherwise unleash anything but good vibes and FREE reading your way. )

Wishing ALL you nurses (and those who love nurses!) a well-deserved celebration this month.

With kindness,


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