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Hurrah, summer is here and the COVID crud has (mostly) lifted!

Here’s hoping this finds you well and getting out more? It’s so nice to be able to see people’s faces, especially their SMILES.

Sadly, some of our family and friends are not here smiling with us; they’re smiling down on us.

We miss them and send condolences to all grieving families and friends.

Seems like EVERYONE lost at least one friend or relative during the lockdowns…and then there are the hurricanes in the east half and the fires in the west…and wars in other countries in addition. Gosh, I’m getting depressed just listing all the problems. ?

These past ~ 16 months have challenged everyone on earth, simultaneously. That’s not a first, in terms of healthcare, but it got me thinking…

Those who know me know I don’t cry in my beer very long. Raised in Oregon, I recall the stories of our pioneer fore-folk, who traversed this country and were confronted with loss consistently, in one form or another. Many were lost along the way, but they kept going.

What about us?

We moderns seem addicted to comfort. No matter what, NOW, we have a solution:

  • Water? Turn on the tap.

  • Warmth? Turn the dial.

  • Cool down? Throw a bucket of ice water on your head. (Ok, now that I’m in muggy Maryland, that just seems to be a fun fix.)

  • Light? Flick the switch.

  • Visit Aunt Tillie? Ride in a plane, a train, or a car.

  • Sick or injured? Rush to the nearest doctor or ER.

Compare that to THEN:

  • Water? Lug your bucket from the creek or pray for rain.

  • Warmth? Get a flint and some tinder, rub your hands til they’re raw; pray.

  • Cool down? Make a fan or jump in the creek…if you find one.

  • Light? Make a candle, pray you have a fire going.

  • Visit Aunt Tillie? In your dreams.

  • Sick? Make a poultice of leeks, garlic, wine, and bullocks gall, mix, apply; pray.

So, I’m taking delight in the simple things and counting my blessings:

  • My deck got spruced up and the herb garden is in full bloom.

  • The local Community Center is 10 blocks away, so there’s jazzercise one day and swimming the next (time to shed the COVID 19lbs!)

  • Survived 1170 in Vegas during a National Speakers Association conference and still had a wonderful time, despite a crazy 25 hrs. of flight delays and rerouting just to get there.

  • Visited family in AZ, where the 1020 felt manageable, with a lot of pool time!

  • My eldest daughter and family are near, so lots of fun times with grandkids, who are young enough to still like to hang out with Gramma!

  • Miss Nightingale has been having a wonderful time in the video production studio in the basement, presenting her wit and wisdom to new audiences. Matter of fact, we are working on the in-person and virtual TOUR for the next 2 years. [If you would like to welcome her to your conference or other theatrical venue, can we tawlk?]

  • The ‘Linked In Live with Sharon & Candy’ that livestream on LI, FB, and YT, are going strong every month on the first Thursday at noon ET. We always have fantastic healthcare thought leaders as guests and we GIVE AWAY gifts, so check it out on Linked In!

  • Making traction on the next 2 books and an online coaching course,

  • AND (perhaps just as exciting), my last book, Improv to Improve Healthcare, got picked up by a major publisher, Business Expert Press! Yipee! The revised and expanded 2nd edition will be out AUGUST 4th!

[NOTE: If you’d like an autographed copy, head on over to your favorite book selling site, order it, and I’ll send you an autographed EX LIBRIS sticker for the front flap. OR, you might like to listen to the audiobook, which is also available. If you’ll agree to write a review, I can give you a code for a free listen!]

So, that’s about it from the beautiful eastern shore at Chesapeake Beach this summer.

How are YOU doing? I want to hear from you, too!

Stay safe and keep smiling,


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