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Tear Down Walls and Build Bridges in your organization!

Not just for risk-averse industries anymore, this practical method of engaging with your leaders and training them to successfully coach adaptable teams will remake your organization into an inclusive culture that fosters problem-solving with good will, creativity, and innovation.

Improv to Improve Your Leadership Team

Excluding Sales Tax
  • The Improv to Improve series is published by Business Expert Press in conjunction with Harvard Business Press.

    This opportunity is to receive advanced notice of the actual publication date as soon as it is announced (end of 2022) and obtain a SIGNED copy of the book! 

    Pre-order and pay now and books will be shipped to you as soon as they become available.


  • You and your group can order soft cover books here and the author will sign and ship them to you! 

    (Note: Various shipping rates apply, depending on package weight, destination, and requested ground or air transport . Shipping available to US and Canada only.)

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