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Ambiverts Unite!

Summer's here and I'm recently back home after 2.5 weeks away, where I visited 3 cities.

Don't get me wrong... I had an AMAZING time in Vegas, learning and socializing with 23 other creative entrepreneurs, enjoying family and friends in my birthplace of Portland, and visiting more family and friends and performing in San Francisco area.

However, I'm still exhausted. The days after I returned, I was like a mole, hiding.

I didn't open my computer or begin the to-do LIST until today, a whole week after my return.

At first, I thought there was something wrong with me. Maybe I was sick?

Then I realized, no....I just forgot how much I need recharge-time alone.

So what did I do to recharge, besides sleep a lot?

I painted a couple of walls, cleaned a closet, read three books.

How about you? Are you ambivert like me? If SO, what do you do to recharge?

If you're an #entrepreneur and/or #leader and don't know for sure, take this QUIZ to learn IF you're an ambivert :

-After a conference where you enjoyed being an extrovert for several days, you retreat to your CAVE, eat junk food, and/or binge watch tv

- You are content reading a book ALL day long

- You plan to leave a big party after 2-3 hours, because you MUST be alone to recharge your mental battery or you'll be in bed all the next day

- You prefer a dinner out with no more than 6 people

- You dodge loud bars/nightclubs

- You shine with people who accept you and know you well, especially 1:1

- You are NOT your best self, e.g., get cranky or shut down, when you are with people who you perceive are judging you or want something from you

- You prefer #learning environments where you can add to a conversation and find common interests with people around you


If you answered YES to all 8 questions, there's NO Doubt, you're an ambivert!

Image: Award-winning quilt by my friend, Betty Blais, titled "Inside-Out" (i.e., we're all the same on the inside)

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